Terms & Conditions


  • The organisers of The Oxted Festival reserve the right to refuse entry or to withdraw any rights of entry to the festival to any person at any time.
  • Entry to the festival will only be permitted upon production of a valid entrance ticket that has not already been used. All entrance tickets will be scanned.
  • You must have entered the festival before 9pm on any day and there is no re-admission after 10pm
  • The Friday of the festival is reserved for adults only. No under 18's are allowed.
  • All children up to the age of 18 (17 and under on July 5th 2024) attending the festival on either the Saturday or Sunday of the festival MUST be accompanied by a ticket holding adult aged 21 or over upon entrance when obtaining their wristband.
  • Proof of age ID may be requested on entry and must be presented on request. If you hold an Adult ticket and are unable to provide ID then you will be issued a child wristband and be unable to purchase alcohol.
  • No refunds will be made for ticket holders unable to provide ID or unable to prove that they are of the required age for admission.
  • ID is defined as a passport, a European Union photocard, driving licence or a photographic identity card bearing the national Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) hologram. No other forms of ID will be accepted.
  • Students or NHS staff purchasing a Student and NHS Ticket must produce valid evidence at the entry of their status as a current student or NHS staff member.
  • Wristbands MUST be placed on ticket holders by a member of the entrance staff and must be worn at all times.
  • Readmission to the festival will not be allowed after 10pm on Friday or Saturday night, or after 7pm on Sunday evening.
  • Readmission to the festival will not be allowed without a wristband at any time and removed wristbands will not be replaced.
  • Food or beverage products purchased outside of the festival are not permitted on site.
  • Attendance at the festival conveys implicit consent to the use of any images and sound recordings taken by the festival organisers (or anybody officially sanctioned by the festival organisers) in any way that the festival organisers deem fit. Such images and sound recordings may be used for promotional or commercial activities including social media.

Drinking Policy

  • The Oxted Festival operates a Challenge 25 policy 
  • If you are under 25 or look under 25 then you should obtain an age certified wristband by producing ID.
  • Your ID may be challenged at any time and at any bar
  • No alcohol will be served to anybody under the age of 18
  • Holders of a Child or Infant ticket will be unable to purchase alcohol at any outlet
  • All beverages purchased at the festival must be consumed on the festival site and festival glasses will be required to be empty upon exit.

Cashless Festival

  • The Oxted Festival operates as a completely cashless festival. 
  • On entry to the festival your ticket will be exchanged for an RFID wristband. This band operates as both your access to the festival and is used to make any purchases at the festival
  • You can load money onto your cashless account before attending the festival or during the festival. Please note that 4G access at the festival is limited so it is sensible to load your wristband before attending. Any money loaded is automatically associated with your ticket and your wristband
  • If loading money at the festival, please allow 10 minutes before trying to make a purchase as it sometimes takes that long for money loaded to your account to register throughout all the payment centres
  • Festival currency cannot be transferred between wristbands but a family account can be set up. Again we suggest you do this before attending
  • You cashless account is fully refundable with a small charge levied by the provider (not us) at the end of the festival provided that you apply within 2 weeks from the day after the festival closes to the public 
  • Any money left in your cashless account after the 2 week refund period finishes will be donated to the nominated festival charity as a charity donation.
  • There are 2 charges levied by our cashless supplier. a £1 fee on depositing your first amount to your cashless account and a £3.50 charge in the event of a refund. These charges are to cover bank charges associated with payments and refunds

Security & Zero Tolerance Policy

  • The festival is manned by a team of security professionals for your safety and enjoyment.
  • The festival operates a Zero Tolerance Policy to the sale of alcohol to under 18s, the consumption of alcohol by under 18s, the use of drugs and recreational drugs to include (but not intended to be exhaustive) cannabis, stimulants and Nitrous Oxide canisters.
  • The festival operates an instant eviction policy for anyone believed to be using, selling or supplying any controlled substance. The festival will, at its discretion inform and alert the police of any such activity.
  • If you are suspected of being involved or are involved in any matter that results in your eviction from the festival you will not be able to return to the festival arena and there will be no refund or compensation.

Ticket Policy

  • Only tickets bought via the official ticketing agent See Tickets are valid
  • Your email provided at the time of booking must remain valid up to and including the event in order to receive your ticket.
  • Tickets cannot be exchanged, refunded or returned after purchase.
  • We reserve the right to limit, at the time of purchase, the maximum number of tickets that any person may purchase for the event. Tickets may be limited to a maximum number per person, per payment card and/or per household. We reserve the right to cancel without prior notice any tickets purchased in excess of this number
  • If any tickets have not been received 7 days before the festival, it is the responsibility of the ticket purchaser to contact the relevant customer service centre at See Tickets quoting the booking reference number given to the ticket purchaser at the time of booking
  • It is your responsibility to check your tickets and booking confirmation and inform us immediately of any inaccuracies. We cannot accept any liability if we are not notified of any inaccuracy within 5 days of purchase.
  • Tickets are electronic and can be printed or held on your personal device.
  • Any ticket can only be scanned once
  • Lost tickets will not be replaced.
  • Bags and other items may be subject to inspection by security staff. Persons who refuse bag searches will be denied entry to the festival or evicted from the festival if any search is refused.
  • Ticket holders consent to inclusion in photographic, visual and audio promotion of the festival.
  • Any questions about tickets should be referred to tickets@oxtedfest.co.uk in the first instance

Programme Alterations/ Force Majeure

  • Management reserve the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists at their discretion and to vary the programme if necessary.
  • The festival reserves the right in the event of force majeure, safety concerns and any security concerns by any authorised person to alter or cancel the performances and/or the festival.
  • We reserve the right to make alterations to the time, date, duration and Venue of the event if exceptional circumstances dictate that we should do so
  • In the event of any cancellation before the festival has started an alternative date will be provided for which the ticket will be valid. Under such circumstances no refunds will be made


  • Warning - Prolonged exposure to loud noise may cause damage to your hearing. Please be aware that strobe lighting, lasers, smoke machines and other special effects may be used during the event.
  • We strongly recommend all minors wear ear defenders and all attendees take any precautions they deem necessary
  • The ticket holder agrees that their personal information may be used for the purposes of the festival. We may share information with third parties as may be generally and reasonably necessary for the proper running of the festival
  • Copyright in the festival and the tickets and wristbands remains the property of the festival at all times

Off Site Camping

  • No camping of any nature is permitted within the festival site
  • Camping is only permitted if you buy a ticked to the event. Anyone found camping without a valid camping wristband or without a valid ticket to the festival will be removed
  • If you are under the age 18 you should not buy weekend camping as there is no entry to the festival for under 18s on the Friday of the festival
  • Camping tickets and car parking tickets must be purchased in advance from See Tickets platform
  • Camping tickets do not entitle you to entry to the festival.
  • Camping tickets are non transferrable and non refundable
  • Camping tickets will be exchanged for a camping wristband which is separate to the wristband for entry to the festival. The camping and festival wristbands must be work at all times when you are in the campsite
  • Cars or vans are not allowed into the campsite and must be parked in the parking provided. A car parking ticket must be purchased in advance of arrival in order to park your car on site
  • Searches will be undertaken on entry and re-admittance to ensure compliance with these conditions
  • You should bring a tent that is suitably sized for the number of occupants. We reserve the right to withdraw camping rights to structures that are to large or are considered a hazard and safety risk
  • We are happy for groups to camp near each other but please be considerate to other campers and do not create a camping area that excludes others
  • Anti social behaviour will not be tolerated at any time and you may be ejected from both the campsite and the festival without refund or compensation. If you are ejected from the campsite you will be refused entry to the festival.
  • We do not accept responsibility for the theft, loss or damage to any of your property which you choose to bring and leave at the campsite or car park.
  • You may not bring your own portable toilet into the campsite due to sanitary and hygiene conditions
  • You may bring the following into the campsite
            • 24 cans of beer/ lager and or cider per person
            • OR 2 bottles of wine per person
            • OR 1 bottle of spirits less than 40% ABV
  • Anything in a glass bottle must be decanted into a plastic bottle before entry to the campsite.
  • Anything in excess of the above limits or not decanted will be confiscated
  • BBQ’s that sit on the floor are not permitted and any BBQ brought into the site must have manufacturer fitted legs that support it off of the ground
  • Cooking is only permitted in the cooking area. If smoke is seen elsewhere any such device will be extinguished and confiscated.
  • No open fires are permitted at any time or in any place.
  • You will indemnify us for any loss or soiling to the campsite howsoever caused unless caused by us or an authorised person
  • We are not responsible for your travel to and from the campsite or for any expenses of any kind caused by delays however they are caused.
  • The campsite will be open from 13-00 on Thursday and closes at 19-00; 08:00 Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The campsite closes at midnight on each day except Sunday where it closes at 9pm.. The campsite must be vacated by 12:00 on the Monday immediately following the festival.

Off Site Camping - Campervan zone

  • All of the conditions that apply to standard camping apply to Campervan camping in addition to the below conditions.
  • Entry to the campervan zone will only be granted if you vehicle adheres to all of the following:
            • A purpose built vehicle with sleeping facilities within it (ie not a van or a car with a mattress in it)
            • Has a waste storage tank or container in it
            • Has a permanently fixed means of storage, a cupboard, locker or wardrobe
  • Gas canisters will only be permitted if they are professionally installed with certification.
  • Cars either pulling a caravan or being towed are not allowed to remain in the campervan site. They must be removed to the car park and must have the appropriate car parking ticket.
  • Pitches are a maximum of 7m x 8m and everything you bring with you must fit in that space. If anything is overhanging your space it will be removed by an Authorised person with no compensation payable.
  • Pitches are allocated by the festival on a first come first served
  • Only 1 campervan or live in vehicle is allowed per pitch
  • Water is not available to hook up to on site
  • Electricity is not standard and you must purchase an electric hook up pitch, 10 amps of electric is provided. If you draw or attempt to draw more than this electricity will be removed and no refund given.
  • All water and toilet waste must be disposed of in the containers provided.

Shuttle service

  • Only customers with a valid camping ticket or or shuttle ticket (for park and ride customers) will be permitted to use the shuttle
  • The shuttle will operate from 1 hour before the festival opens until 1 hour after the festival closes each day. It will not operate on the Thursday or Monday
  • We have 2 shuttle buses each with a capacity of 53 people. The shuttles will keep rotating every time they are full enough. That means there should be a shuttle every 7.5 minutes.
  • It is your responsibility too ensure you have enough time if you have somewhere to be.
  • It is likely there will be queue for the shuttles at peak times
  • If the shuttle gets delayed through traffic or any other reason out of the festivals control, no refunds will be provided
  • We reserve the right to alter or amend the shuttle service due to operational requirements.
  • No food or drink of any kind is permitted on the shuttle service.

Off site Car Park

  • Only customers with a valid car parking ticket may enter the car park
  • If you have a day ticket and do not remove the vehicle when it is supposed to leave it is liable to be clamped or towed away. a fine will apply for the release of the vehicle.
  • If you do not remove your vehicle at the end of the festival it is liable to be towed away and potentially crushed.
  • There is no camping of any kind permitted in the car park
  • Once a car leaves the car park there will be no re-admittance without the purchase of another ticket for parking.


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