The Oxted Festival is run by a non-profit organisation called OLCSA. Each year 100% of the “profit” made by the Festival is given to our main charities, sports clubs and local good causes. The Charity we are working with again this year is St Catherine’s Hospice. Most of our volunteers represent local sports clubs and good causes and we divide up a percentage of the profits between them depending on the number of slots worked. The rest is donated to our lead Charity.


    Challenge 25 policy. The Festival operates a zero- tolerance policy to underage drinking and works to the Challenge 25 principle. Please bring ID with you (a valid passport, photocard driving licence, or a photographic identity card bearing the national Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) hologram) as, if you are lucky enough to look under 25, you will be challenged. Security at the entrance will ask for your ID and if you are not able to supply proof of your age being 18 or over then you will be given an under 18 wrist band and you will not be permitted to purchase alcohol.

  • DOGS

    Your Furry Friends are welcome if well behaved and kept on a lead. We do have plenty of water on site. We cannot guarantee shade, so bear this in mind if it is really hot.


    We cater for guests with disabilities. There is a disabled access lane for entry and disabled loos. If you need to bring a special vehicle up to the Festival entrance, please arrive at the ‘Tennis Club’ car park and inform security. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee parking for the vehicle as we have limited spaces. Once on site if you need any assistance, ask a member of our team of hospitality staff, who will do their best to help you.


    There is no parking as we are situated on a large park. There is limited parking in the surrounding areas, but we recommend that you use alternative transport. We are only 5 minutes’ walk from Oxted train station. There are a few taxi companies in Oxted, one situated at the station.


    We value our staff and respect them and their right not to be abused. Please remember that our staff are all volunteers who give of their time freely for your enjoyment. If you are abusive (either physically or verbally) to any member of staff or to any other Festival guest then you will be asked to leave the Festival immediately and you will not be allowed re-admittance at any time. We have a comprehensive SIA registered security team on-site at all times, alongside CCTV. If you see anything that you are uncomfortable with or need to report an incident, please contact one of our Hospitality Team or Security Team


    Drugs policy - absolutely no drugs allowed on site. An Amnesty bin will be provided at the exterior of the Festival. Please ensure that you have not consumed drugs or have any drugs on you at the time of entry or whilst at the Festival. If you are seen in possession of drugs then you will be asked to leave the Festival immediately and you will not be allowed re-admittance at any time.


    These tickets are very popular and sell out quickly. You must have an entry ticket to book a VIP upgrade. All details can be found on the Buy Tickets page. The VIP area has a bar, posh loos and comfortable seating. There is a VIP line at the Main entrance. Please note children are not permitted in the VIP area.


    Please apply through this Website, by clicking the volunteer button at the top of the home page. Please note we are starting again and any volunteers who had applied for 2020 and 2021 are asked to re-register on this site. Please book a minimum of two slots. You will receive an email confirmation of your time slots and we will be in touch nearer the time with further information. Any queries email


    • Tickets are non-refundable • Only tickets bought directly from our website can be guaranteed to be valid. Before you buy a ticket privately, please confirm with us that the tickets is genuine. • Do not buy tickets from any ticketing agent. They will not be valid. • Your email address provided when you book must be correct and remain valid up to the event as this is where your tickets are sent. • You will receive a confirmation email once you have purchased your ticket. This is NOT your actual ticket • Electronic tickets will be sent out via email approximately 2 weeks before the festival • If you do not receive your ticket, please check your junk mail first • Everybody needs a ticket, even babies, so please book tickets for everybody even if they are free. • Please ensure that you bring your ticket details with you. If you don’t have a ticket, we will not be able to admit you to the festival. • Each ticket can only be scanned once, so you will need one distinct and separate ticket for each person. If you have any queries, please email We have a cashless payment system that is linked to your ticket reference and then your wristband when you enter the Festival. Details of how to use it will be sent with your tickets two weeks before the Festival. For refunds of unspent money, please login to the cashless account and press refund.


    The festival provide a wide array of creatively different food traders for you to enjoy. These traders contribute significantly to the costs of putting the event on. In order to support our traders, we regret no food or drink can be brought into the festival, with the exception of infant snacks or special requirements. As part of our security at the entrance, bags will be searched upon entry. Security will ask everyone to leave soft drinks at the entrance. There is plenty of drinking water on site that is free of charge.


    All children must have any entry ticket, so that we have a record of everyone on site. Infants are free (but must have a ticket). Please see the ticket booking page for more info. There is entertainment for children during the day, but this will stop at 8pm. We believe it is not an ideal environment for young children at night and recommend that you make alternative arrangements for them after 8pm. Please note Children are non permitted on Friday. We do not allow children into the VIP area.


    Guests can come and go at any time up until 9pm when the front entrance closes and nobody will be able to enter the site.



    please contact us at and complete this link


    If you would like to perform at a future Oxted Festival, please email


    email I will forward your enquiry to the relevant department and we will get back to you as as soon as we can. for contactless enquiries please contact



    • The organisers of The Oxted Festival reserve the right to refuse entry or to withdraw any rights of entry to the festival to any person at any time. • Entry to the festival will only be permitted upon production of a valid entrance ticket that has not already been used. All entrance tickets will be scanned. • You must have entered the festival before 9pm on any day as there is no admission (or re-admission) after 9pm • The Friday of the festival is reserved for adults only. No under 18's are allowed. • All children up to the age of 18 (17 and under on July 2nd 2021) attending the festival on either the Saturday or Sunday of the festival MUST be accompanied by a ticket holding adult aged 21 or over upon entrance when obtaining their wristband. • Proof of age ID may be requested on entry and must be presented on request. If you hold an Adult ticket and are unable to provide ID then you will be issued a child wristband and be unable to purchase alcohol. • No refunds for ticket holders unable to provide ID or unable to prove that they are of the required age for admission. • ID is defined as a passport, a European Union photocard, driving licence or a photographic identity card bearing the national Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) hologram. No other forms of ID will be accepted. • Wristbands MUST be placed on ticket holders by a member of the entrance staff and must be worn at all times. • Readmission to the festival will not be allowed after 9pm on Friday or Saturday night. • Readmission to the festival will not be allowed without a wristband at any time and removed wristbands will not be replaced. • Food or beverage products purchased outside of the festival are not permitted on site. • Attendance at the festival conveys implicit consent to the use of any images and sound recordings taken by the festival organisers (or anybody officially sanctioned by the festival organisers) in any way that the festival organisers deem fit. Such images and sound recordings may be used for promotional or commercial activities including social media. Drinking Policy • The Oxted Festival operates a Challenge 25 policy • If you are under 25 or look under 25 then you should obtain an age certified wristband by producing ID. • Your ID may be challenged at any time and at any bar • No alcohol will be served to anybody under the age of 18 • All beverages purchased at the festival must be consumed on the festival site and festival glasses will be required to be empty upon exit. • A £1 charge will be levied on the purchase of your first drink for your reusable Festival cup. We encourage you to reuse this as it is part of our sustainability policy. If you are attending the Festival on another day as a weekend ticket holder please bring this glass back with you. If you lose your cup, we will add a further cost of £1 to your next drink for another cup. You are welcome to take the ‘empty’ cup home or put it in the recycle bin on site. All cups left behind will be recycled for the next event. Security & Zero Tolerance Policy • The festival is manned by a team of security professionals for your safety and enjoyment. • The festival operates a Zero Tolerance Policy to the sale of alcohol to under 18s, the consumption of alcohol by under 18s, the use of drugs and recreational drugs to include (but not intended to be exhaustive) cannabis, stimulants and Nitrous Oxide canisters. • The festival operates an instant eviction policy for anyone believed to be using, selling or supplying any controlled substance. The festival will, at its discretion inform and alert the police of any such activity. Ticket Policy Your email provided at the time of booking must remain valid up to and including the event • Tickets cannot be exchanged, refunded or returned after purchase. • Tickets are electronic and you can log into your account to reissue confirmations or tickets at any time. • Any ticket can only be scanned once • Lost tickets will not be replaced. • Bags and other items may be subject to inspection by security staff. Persons who refuse bag searches will be denied entry to the festival or evicted from the festival if any search is refused. Any questions about tickets should be referred to in the first instance Programme Alterations/ Force Majeure • Management reserve the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists at their discretion and to vary the programme if necessary. • The festival reserves the right in the event of force majeure, to alter or cancel the performances and/or the festival.