• What is the current situation regarding the 2021 Festival?

    If we can have a festival we will and, to this end, we are committed to going ahead with the Oxted Festival. In so doing we intend to comply with all government guidelines as they are released. This is subject to the following conditions: 1. We can comply with any requirements imposed by the local authority/government and 2. If restrictions impose a social distancing requirement then the Festival will be cancelled 3. If restrictions impose a limit on numbers below 5,000 attendees per day then the Festival will be cancelled In the event of cancellation as outlined above, we will, of course, provide the opportunity for you to hold onto your ticket for the Festival in 2022 or receive a full refund. The “Road Map to Freedom” as some have called it, at this stage ends on June 21st subject to many caveats, so all being well giving us time to set up and stage the 2021 edition of the Festival. After much discussion, we have decided that either we run the Festival broadly on the same scale as originally planned with the same quality of entertainment and scale of catering, or we will not run it at all. Consideration has been given to a half sized event with one stage and everything scaled back accordingly, however there are several good reasons for not doing this: 1. Thanks to the continued support of the public, there are already 1,000 people who have paid and not asked for a refund from last year on the basis of the original package and they deserve to get the Festival they signed up to 2. Given possible challenges and costs, a half sized festival would have required increasing the price of tickets substantially just to break even 3. The Oxted Festival has the overall objective of raising funds for local causes. A half sized festival would struggle to generate any revenue for these causes.

  • If the festival is cancelled will I get a refund if I want one?

    Yes, in the unhappy event that it is not possible to run the Festival you will be entitled to a full refund or rollover of tickets until the 2022 Festival.

  • Will I need to wear a mask or socially distance?

    Wearing a mask will be a personal choice but if social distancing is required in July it will not be possible to run a festival. If you (or we) are required by law to have provided a negative test or to test negatively at the door for Covid19 you will be required to pay for such testing and consequently you should also expect the gate entry process to be much slower than it has been in the past. It is also reasonably likely under these circumstances that we would have to prevent re-entry on any individual day.

  • Will there be changes to ticket prices from what was on offer in 2020?

    There will be changes. We will need to increase the ticket prices for all new sales to cover the expected additional costs required to allow the festival to go ahead e.g. additional cleaning, hand sanitisation throughout the site and other new safety requirements including temperature checking on entry to the site (note if you have an abnormal temperature you will not be allowed into the festival and regrettably under these circumstances we would be unable to give a refund).

  • Will there be any noticeable differences from previous years?

    In order to comply with safety requirements it is possible. It's quite likely the Festival will be mainly open air. There will be some shade and cover but the main marquee and the silent disco tent will go. Additionally there will be more wash stations and lots of hand sanitisation facilities on site. In the event of any additional requirements being imposed on us by the Government you can expect us to comply with those requirements in full.

  • Are there any other big changes you might undertake to protect festival volunteers and the public?

    We will be taking taking the Festival contactless/cashless. Unfortunately we will probably have to use single use plastic cups and glasses.

  • Will there still be a VIP area/Option?

    Yes, it will run in a similar way to the 2019 Festival. Tickets/Upgrades available via the website.

  • Given there is so much uncertainty about the immediate future, why not push the Festival back to later in the year?

    This was considered but we feel that anything that happens between now and July 2-4th that requires us to cancel is likely to kill the rest of the summer's festival activity as well. Additionally our music acts and suppliers are all booked for the first weekend in July and are being very flexible on costs should we need to cancel; flexibility that may not be possible if we relocate to August.

  • Can I still volunteer to work at the Festival?

    Most certainly yes -please apply through our Website!


  • How can I buy a ticket for 2021?

    Tickets can only be bought via this website. Please see all the pricing and the booking form on this site. There is a small booking fee added to the cost of each ticket. This is included in the total price of the ticket as advertised. This is charged by the Ticket agent to cover the cost of admin. You will receive confirmation via email of your purchase, the actual tickets will be emailed to you two weeks prior to the Festival.

  • What are the Festival times?

    Here are the Entry Times for The Oxted Festival 2021 Friday 4pm-11pm. Saturday 12 midday-11pm. Sunday 12 midday-8pm. The Bars shut 15 minutes before closing time.

  • Can I use my 2020 ticket for the 2021 festival?

    Yes of course. Thank you again for carrying over your ticket from last year. PLEASE NOTE THERE IS A CUT OFF DATE FOR GETTING A REFUND IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND. If you would rather get a refund for your 2020 ticket the cut off date is Tuesday 23rd March. After this date refunds are not possible. Should the 2021 Oxted Festival not be able to go ahead and WE have to cancel we will of course give you the option of carrying your tickets across to 2022 or have a full refund.

  • Can I get a Ticket Refund if the 2021 Festival does not go ahead?

    Yes, if we are forced to cancel the 2021 Festival, we will give you the option of a full refund or carry the tickets across to 2022. This does refer to both new tickets purchased and tickets carried over from 2020. Please note if you have tickets from 2020 and would rather not attend the 2021 festival, the cut off date for a refund is 23rd March 2021. After this date we cannot refund unless the Festival is cancelled.

  • What if the ticket I want is not available?

    All available tickets will be on sale. Once they are sold out they are blocked off. Nearer to the Festival some tickets become available for those wanting to sell theirs and we make the details available if this happens. Please do not sell your tickets privately as they are not transferable.

  • I need some more information about my ticket purchase?

    Here are some answers: • We do not offer a refund service. • Only tickets bought directly from our website can be guaranteed to be valid. • Do not buy tickets privately or from any ticketing agent. They will not be valid. • Your email address provided when you book must be correct and remain valid up to the event • You will receive a confirmation email once you have purchased your ticket. This is NOT your actual ticket • Electronic tickets will be sent out via email approximately 2 weeks before the festival • If you do not receive your ticket, please check your junk mail first • Everybody needs a ticket, even if they are one day old, so please purchase tickets for everybody even if they are free. • Please ensure that you bring your ticket with you either on your phone or a printed version. If you don’t have a ticket, we will not be able to admit you to the festival. • Each ticket can only be scanned once, so you will need one distinct and separate ticket for each person. If you have any queries, please email


  • Can I bring a picnic?

    No. The festival provide a wide array of creatively different food traders for you to enjoy. These traders contribute significantly to the costs of putting the event on. In order to support our traders, we regret no food or drink can be brought into the festival, with the exception of infant snacks or special requirements. As part of our security at the entrance, bags will be searched upon entry. Security will ask everyone to leave soft drinks at the entrance. There is plenty of drinking water on site that is free of charge.

  • Who Are We?

    The Oxted Festival is run by a non-profit organisation called OLCSA. Each year 100% of the “profit” made by the Festival is given to our main charities, sports clubs and local good causes. The two main charities we are working with again this year are St Catherine’s Hospice and SPARKS.

  • Can I Volunteer?

    All our on-site staff are volunteers, many working to represent their chosen organisations and others just for fun. In 2019 we had a team of over 160 volunteers to work the bars, Beero de Change and Info desk. If you would like to volunteer, please register on this site.

  • Do you have an underage drinking policy?

    Oh Yes. Challenge 25 policy. The Festival operates a zero- tolerance policy to underage drinking and works to the Challenge 25 principle. Please bring ID with you (a valid passport, photocard driving licence, or a photographic identity card bearing the national Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) hologram) as, if you are lucky enough to look under 25, you will be challenged. Security at the entrance will ask for your ID and if you are not able to supply proof of your age being 18 or over then you will be given an under 18 wrist band and you will not be permitted to purchase alcohol.

  • Do you allow dogs?

    We do, but the usual rules apply. Well behaved and kept on a lead. We do have plenty of water on site. We cannot guarantee shade for your furry friend, so bear this in mind if it is really hot.

  • Do you cater for guests with disabilities?

    Yes we cater for guests with disabilities. We have a disabled access lane for entry and disabled loos. If you need to bring a special vehicle up to the Festival entrance, please arrive at the ‘Tennis Club’ car park and inform security. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee parking for the vehicle as we have limited spaces. Once on site if you need any assistance, ask a member of our team of hospitality staff, who will do their best to help you.

  • Is there parking?

    There is no parking as we are situated on a large park. There is limited parking in the surrounding areas, but we recommend that you use alternative transport. We are only 5 minutes’ walk from Oxted train station. There are a few taxi companies in Oxted, one situated at the station.

  • What are your Security and Safety policies?

    We value our staff and respect them and their right not to be abused. Please remember that our staff are all volunteers who give of their time freely for your enjoyment. If you are abusive (either physically or verbally) to any member of staff or to any other Festival guest then you will be asked to leave the Festival immediately and you will not be allowed re-admittance at any time. We have a comprehensive SIA registered security team on-site at all times, alongside CCTV. If you see anything that you are uncomfortable with or need to report an incident, please contact one of our Hospitality Team or Security Team

  • Do you Have a Drugs Policy?

    Drugs policy - absolutely no drugs allowed on site. An Amnesty bin will be provided at the exterior of the Festival. Please ensure that you have not consumed drugs or have any drugs on you at the time of entry or whilst at the Festival. If you are seen in possession of drugs then you will be asked to leave the Festival immediately and you will not be allowed re-admittance at any time.